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  Got Dreams?   Got Goals?    Got Plans?

Life happens and it has its ups and downs, its unexpected twists and turns and many times we have to drop everything we had planned in order to cater to and enjoy what has been created along the way! Raising a family, working (whether it's a career you like or a job that has allowed you to provide for you and your family), yes life in general can throw us off our paths to living our best lives. 

This doesn't mean life is miserable, and you need a change (even though it may be for some), and it doesn't mean you aren't enjoying where you are, it's about taking other things you want in your life and finding a way of bringing them into the present!

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Are you wanting to get healthy, finally land your dream job? What about your dreams of traveling or owning your own business? What about going on more dates with your spouse, or spend more time with your kids, or how about making time for self-care (because you deserve it!) 

  • Do you have employees that need some team building?
  • Are you a part of an organization that could use some refocusing and positivity?
  • Does your community need a little boost and direction?
  • A family that could use some bonding and reconnecting time?

There are so many things that pass through my mind on a daily or weekly basis in passing and I say to myself "I've been meaning to get back to that, start that new hobby, or make upgrades to my company but "time just gets away from me". Does this have you written all over it? Hey, it happens to the best of us! It doesn't mean we gave up on it, we just need to reset, visualize those dreams, place it where it belongs (get it off the back burner), and take the next steps to make it happen!

It's time to create & attract your best life! 

My name is Janet, and I have had lots of U-turns, dead-ends and back burner moments through my life due to bad relationships, major health issues, etc. I have wondered how and what I need to do to level up and it's easy to get off track, it's easy to feel guilty or feel that we don't have time to start something new- that's all in your head. Some of you have been cheerleaders for your kids, other friends and family, and you deserve to have things in your life that make you smile more than you are now. Imagine the decrease in stress, the increased happiness you will bring to yourself and others around you! They don't all have to be GREAT BIG GOALS! They can be something so simple but bring so much positivity, forward movement, and joy to your day to day!

I have written down goals and stuck them to my fridge or bedroom door, and it's done well for me at times. But creating my own vision boards has made a huge difference in getting my dreams to come to fruition! 

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